We Called Them Foothills

I've always been impressed with people who climb mountains.  Like really impressed.  It is something I don't think I'll ever be able to do.  When I was young, I read a book about a woman who climbed Denali and was fascinated.  It takes a strength and endurance that many people do not have, including myself.... Continue Reading →

Celebrations and Improvements

With over 200 children and 4000 eggs, this year's Easter egg hunt at the neighboring park, Dos Picos, was crowned a success! Andy and I stuffed nearly 900 eggs ourselves (whew!) and helped with set up and crowd control for the community Easter celebration on Saturday.  Fearful that I would be forced in to wearing the... Continue Reading →

The Importance of a Balanced Life

Why is having a level RV an important thing?  If it's just "close enough" is that good enough?  What's the big deal anyway? We've been asking ourselves these questions since our front hydraulic leveling jack broke a couple months ago.  We still have not fixed it because we are parked on a mostly level cement... Continue Reading →

Making a Life

How do you pick up one life and transport it to a new spot?  The short answer: you can't.  After coming back from my trip to MN, it hit me...everything has changed.  It seems obvious that going back (I want to say "going home") would make me a little homesick but I had no idea... Continue Reading →

Animal Update

We are cruising towards five months on the road and ten months living in our RV!  We've had quite a few people ask about how the animals are doing with their change of lifestyle.  Here's an update! Pica is the oldest member of our family and will be turning ten in July.  As the animal I... Continue Reading →

Back to the Sun

I was fortunate enough to spend a few wonderful days visiting family and friends in MN. The time has come to board my flight back to the Valley of the Sun, my husband, and fur babies.  The trip flew by! Each day was packed with activities. I got to spend some much needed time with... Continue Reading →

Traveling MN

 Another short update on our life in Ramona: We have actively been pursuing different job opportunities.  Good news!  Andy will be starting a part time position at a place in town and get this, his boss is from Minnesota!  Small world, small world indeed.  I have been interviewing for a few different things and am... Continue Reading →

Biding Our Time

A brief update of the last couple of days: Still on the hunt for new jobs opportunities here in Ramona.  We are just looking for part time work to fill in the gaps. Great news!  We are finally set up to make soap again here and hope to be able to sell it at the... Continue Reading →

The Struggle Continues

We are driving down the foothills from beautiful Ramona towards the coast, checking out the amazing views we have come to deeply love, when some unfamiliar noises accompany our regular symphony of interesting noises on the Jeep.  These are new and these are scary.  We look to one another, hoping that perhaps the other person didn't... Continue Reading →

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