The Teaching Thing

Friday night marked my first night as a teacher — I taught my first creative writing class for adults. It wasn’t a huge turnout, but it was a fun night and it got me out of my comfort zone. Going through school, I never wanted to be a teacher (mainly because I’m not big into kids). … More The Teaching Thing

A Ramona Sunset

California sunsets are some of the most beautiful I have ever experienced. Maybe it has something to do with the sun disappearing beneath the ocean, or the unbelievably vivid colors, or the sky lighting up behind the distant foothills. Whatever the case, they are each unique and beautiful. One particular sunset in the park last … More A Ramona Sunset

A Brief Update

Today marks the two year anniversary of my last day as a retail manager. Two years! It seems crazy to think of everything that has happened in the past two years since I left the store — crazy to think of how much I’ve grown as a person and how many amazing things we have … More A Brief Update

What Living in a Small Space has Taught Me About “Stuff”

I remember the thrill of decorating our house in St. Paul, making each room different. I remember seeing things in stores or at garage sales and thinking about how perfect those items would be in our house. My first major eye-opener to the amount of “stuff” we had acquired over the years was when we … More What Living in a Small Space has Taught Me About “Stuff”