Balancing Tasks & Fun

It's surprising how much we have to get done before we leave -- to get the Wandering Dolphin back on the road. We've still been working on getting the vehicles ready. The RV needed a good washing so we pressure washed the exterior, including the roof.   We moved the pool table out from in... Continue Reading →

Prepping the Vehicles

The Wandering Dolphin hasn't wandered for quite some time. In fact, our last big trip with the motorhome was when we took it to Las Vegas (and we all know how that turned out -- stranded in the middle of the desert). Now that we have a departure date set, we have to buckle down... Continue Reading →

In the Tidepools

Tiny shrimp, hermit crabs, anemones, California black sea hares, and more. The tidepools are filled with fascinating creatures living in a unique intertidal ecosystem. It was a cool and cloudy day when we decided to take a trip down to Carlsbad to check out the tidepools. The perfect day to look for wildlife. Anemones cover... Continue Reading →

Tales from the Trail

With heaving breaths, we rise over the crest of the mountain and are met with stunning views of the valley below — the sun setting over the distant ocean. We breathe in deeply, thanking everything that led us to this point in our lives. As we sit perched on a rock, overlooking the awesome views, we... Continue Reading →

Participate in Earth Hour

Earth Hour takes place from 8:30 to 9:30 pm tonight! So, whatever time zone you're in, turn off the lights and other unnecessary electronics; get off your phones, TVs or computers (stop reading my awesome blog); and take an hour for the planet. Light some candles and relax. Play a game in the dark or... Continue Reading →

SoCal Spring

The recent rains have begun to turn the surrounding foothills a beautiful emerald green, ushering in the best season in Southern California: spring. Not that California isn't beautiful pretty much all the time, but it tends to get a little...brown. But not right now. We've been taking advantage of the nice weather in our free... Continue Reading →

An RV-Sized Hobby

Life in a motorhome or tiny house puts your lifestyle on a smaller scale (obvious, I know). It can also decrease the size of your activities because the amount of "stuff" you have has been downsized. Living and traveling in a motorhome has been amazing for countless reasons. But part of me misses the perks... Continue Reading →

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