What Living in a Small Space has Taught Me About “Stuff”

I remember the thrill of decorating our house in St. Paul, making each room different. I remember seeing things in stores or at garage sales and thinking about how perfect those items would be in our house. My first major eye-opener to the amount of “stuff” we had acquired over the years was when we … More What Living in a Small Space has Taught Me About “Stuff”

A SoCal Update

I just wanted to share a quick update on the Wandering Dolphin crew. It has been hot and (surprisingly and unfortunately) humid here in normally beautiful SoCal. The weekend before this recent one, we combatted the heat with an evening of wine tasting. Gotta live it up while we can! We headed out to one … More A SoCal Update

Fire Season is Back

This year’s fire season is just getting started, and we have already had too many for comfort. The rains over last winter encouraged a lot of plant growth – plants that are now dead, dried and perfect kindling for wildfires. Though I am slightly less terrified than last summer, I am still nervous to leave town … More Fire Season is Back