Happy Friday!

The Wandering Dolphin crew wishes everyone a very happy Friday!   Everyone is doing well here in rainy Minnesota. We recently joined in a farewell party for our dear friend, Alex, who is going to Romania for the next year. His departure got us thinking about what will come next for the Wandering crew. With... Continue Reading →

A Different Type of RV Living

Having lived in our motorhome for more than 3 years now, we've begun to reflect on the different ways we have utilized our home on wheels. We started life in the motorhome with a lighter version of RV living. In 2015, we had sold our home and were parked in my parents' driveway. We were... Continue Reading →

Living a Stationary Life

"A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving." -Lao Tzu  We made it back to our hometown in Minnesota nearly 11 weeks ago. In that time, we've gone through all of our belongings and gotten rid of more things; I've found a job; and we've begun settling into a different... Continue Reading →

Wet, Wet Motorhome

Living in a motorhome in a humid environment brings about a different set of difficulties than living in the desert. When we first came back, we noticed a distinct moist smell when we walked in the door. Our first step was to replace our moisture absorbing containers. We normally have one under the kitchen sink,... Continue Reading →

Living the Lake Life

The Wandering Dolphin crew is slowly adjusting to life back in the Great White North — Minnesota. We've had a busy first month back, with a combination of seeing friends and family, attending a wedding, hosting a family reunion, and looking for jobs. A lot of Andy's family came into town for the wedding weekend, and we... Continue Reading →

When Driving Near a Motorhome…

After taking the long way back to Minnesota from California, Andy and I came up with a few things vehicle drivers may want to note when driving near a motorhome — especially if they don't want to upset a larger vehicle driver. Andy was pretty adamant that we share these tips. I have tried to write... Continue Reading →

RV Responsibilities

We may be parked near a lake in a driveway, but we still live in a motorhome! Though we are showering indoors (mmmmm, water pressure), we are still mostly living in the RV, which means that we are running off of our water tanks. We have power, but we do not have full hookups --... Continue Reading →

Living a Smaller Life

After getting back to Minnesota and settling into our new parking spot, we spent several days going through all of our stuff in the motorhome and what we had packed away in boxes at our parents' houses. Having now lived in our RV for three years, we've grown used to the small space and lack... Continue Reading →

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