Back to the Sun

I was fortunate enough to spend a few wonderful days visiting family and friends in MN. The time has come to board my flight back to the Valley of the Sun, my husband, and fur babies. 

The trip flew by! Each day was packed with activities. I got to spend some much needed time with my family after not seeing them for several months. I was lucky enough to have lunch with Andy’s dad too!

Friday night I spent time on the East Side with some friends and got to see almost everyone! I stopped in at my old work too and was able to say hello to some great coworkers (unfortunately not everyone was there)!

 We had a nice, relaxing night in at Ali and Jared’s house, those lovely people who met us in California back in January. They let me take over their house so I could see some friends. 

 We even had a puppy and an iguana join the party!  

I spent some time over the weekend with my family’s dogs too. And got to visit with my rabbit, Thumper, who my sister now owns. He is almost 11 and I was happy to see that he still remembered me after being absent for the past five months.  

I was also able to finish my tattoo! Three years in the making. I started planning it and looking for an artist over three years ago, was on a waiting list with my artist for over a year, and have been getting it worked on for the past year. We finally completed it and I am so happy!! He did an amazing job and I am excited for it to heal up. 

 Just a quick update from the airport before I get in the sky! I’m sad to be leaving but very excited to see the other half of my family!

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  1. Jackie says:

    Congrats on getting your tattoo finished! 😀


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