Celebrations and Improvements

With over 200 children and 4000 eggs, this year’s Easter egg hunt at the neighboring park, Dos Picos, was crowned a success!

Stuffing eggs and watching TV.

Andy and I stuffed nearly 900 eggs ourselves (whew!) and helped with set up and crowd control for the community Easter celebration on Saturday.  Fearful that I would be forced in to wearing the bunny costume, I tried to come up with a list of excuses before we arrived.  Luckily, it wasn’t an issue and our supervisor took one for the team.  She made a great bunny!


Sunday we had a great lunch with Aunt Kris and relaxed out on the patio to enjoy some of the beautiful Oceanside weather.  On our way home, we made a quick stop to say “hi” to the ocean.  Just to make sure it was still there and doing alright!


Easter basket from Aunt Kris

We successfully stabilized our RV!  We took the least expensive route (i.e. “free”) and used our own jack stands to stabilize the front end while taking advantage of our functional rear hydraulic jacks.  We will eventually fix the front jack correctly but it’s unnecessary right now since we aren’t traveling.  Yay!  No more floods in the bathroom or rocky RV motion sickness!

A few weeks ago, Andy also set up a tarp on the sunny side of our RV.  The afternoon sun shining into our windows could literally bake us in hot weather.  To keep things cooler, he hung up a white tarp along one side.  Not only does it filter out some of the heat but it helps reduce road noise and gives us more privacy on that side (it’s the only side of our yard with chain link fencing).  Since it’s white, it doesn’t block out as much light as shade screen would (and it was also free since we already owned it).  The only weird part: no view out those windows.  It’s just a white wall.

Something a little interesting that I stumbled upon while organizing today:


When we bought the RV, I sketched out all of the storage spaces and started planning where to put things.  Organization is key when you live in such a small space and share it with so many living things!  Andy created something similar on the floor of my dad’s garage.  He measured all the “basement” storage space, taped it out on the garage floor, then organized everything that would be down there before packing it up.  Great minds think alike I guess!

Happy Spring!

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