Wine and Beaches

Wine, food, and family.  We more than just enjoyed the rest of our time with family in town; we loved it!

Lunch with the fam

We visited Mike and Pat’s vacation rental and took a nice walk along the beach and checked out some of the cool houses (just a bit outside my price range).

We spent a day wine tasting in Temecula and had lunch in Old Town.

One of the boardwalks in Old Town

We visited one of the oldest wineries in the area. Walking up to the tasting room, we noticed how huge the place was and how much land they had surrounding them compared to other wineries in the area.  Mount Palomar owns 350 acres, which blows my mind with how expensive land is down here.

View from Mount Palomar


Saying goodbye to family is always hard, but it is even harder when it is one of your parents.  We said goodbye to Pat on Saturday and goodbye to Andy’s dad, Mike, yesterday and it was pretty rough for us.  We really loved having them nearby and it was just another reminder of some of the difficulties of this adventure we are on.  We will just have to convince them to come back soon!!

We decided to spend the rest of yesterday afternoon at the beach.  Two words: DOG BEACH!  What a great idea!  Theo is a little weird around other dogs so we kept the trip fairly short (he had a run-in when he was a puppy and now he is terrified).  Piper had a blast playing fetch in the waves and we had fun playing with them.  They were soaked by the end of it!

Piper sitting in the water, waiting for Andy to throw the ball.
Theo did a great job with his first real water experience!


Check out this video of them playing:

Relaxing in the hammock at home
Hummingbird nest at Aunt Kris’s

Can’t wait to see what this adventure brings us next!

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