Biding Our Time

A brief update of the last couple of days:

Still on the hunt for new jobs opportunities here in Ramona.  We are just looking for part time work to fill in the gaps.

Great news!  We are finally set up to make soap again here and hope to be able to sell it at the local farmer’s market (aside from on our Etsy site).  We made our first California batch tonight!  Ground oatmeal and lavender with shea butter.  It should be cured and ready to go in about a week and we are very excited!

We also took steps towards getting some of our photography ready for sale.  We plan to include matted photos with our soap and jewelry at the farmer’s markets.  It’s all about making a living doing the things that we enjoy!  Andy is still experimenting with his glass creations and we are interested to see where that goes.

We went on a couple of hikes to the grasslands preserve here in Ramona.  Gorgeous walk for the weather we’ve been having lately!  Check out some of our pictures from the walks:

View during the hike



California lilacs are blooming and smell amazing


Snake trail but no snake to be seen!  Better luck next time!

WARNING: Creepy Picture Below

On a creepier note, we found this lovely black widow spider hanging out while we were closing up the park tonight.  She is the second one we’ve seen since living here and are still not used to their presence.


We are ecstatic to be in California and excited to make things work out here!

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