Animal Update

We are cruising towards five months on the road and ten months living in our RV!  We’ve had quite a few people ask about how the animals are doing with their change of lifestyle.  Here’s an update!

Pica is the oldest member of our family and will be turning ten in July.  As the animal I was most concerned about when it came to road travel, she has impressed us both with her flexibility and willingness to accept change.

Though her cage is smaller than the one she had in our house, she has adapted well to the acrylic cage.  The fact that she is out of it for hours each day and gets to spend more time with us helps too!

Lila is the next runner up in age.  She will be five in July (she shares Harry Potter’s birthday). She had the hardest time adjusting to our new home and lifestyle.  Every time we moved the RV, she ran and hid.  She wouldn’t come out for hours afterwards sometimes.  As she grew accustomed to the new home, she grew more and more comfortable with everything that came with it.  Before we parked in Ramona, she would lay in her kennel calmly when we had to move the RV (no longer screaming as if someone were attacking her).  Now that she has a yard, she has overcome her fear of the outdoors and looks forward to spending time outside, rolling around on the cement and eating grass.


Piper has always been a great traveling companion but we were concerned about having her travel longterm and if this would be stressful or not.  She seems to have adjusted very well and loves all of the hiking we are able to do!  She is also totally loving the yard we have right now.


Eleanor (Ellie) adapted very quickly to life in the RV.  Her only complaint, it seems, is that she wants to explore outside ALL THE TIME!  We try to take both the cats out in the yard on a regular basis.  She has grown incredibly affectionate and loving towards both of us and, surprisingly, Piper.  She will be two in April.


There’s not too much to say about little Theodore.  The only life he has really known is a life on the road.  The first week that we had him, we took him on a test run up to Northern Minnesota to visit some family property and show him the North Shore.

He seems to love traveling and hiking but really has never known anything else.  The biggest change for him is having a yard to explore and he is enjoying this immensely.  Ramona seems to have been the right choice for us so far!

Our family seems happy and healthy!  We are thankful that they are adapting so well to the decisions we’ve made.  I’ll end today with a little tour of our yard and our entrance into the park:

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