Traveling MN

 Another short update on our life in Ramona:

We have actively been pursuing different job opportunities.  Good news!  Andy will be starting a part time position at a place in town and get this, his boss is from Minnesota!  Small world, small world indeed.  I have been interviewing for a few different things and am still waiting to hear back.

This week I am in Minnesota.  I flew back yesterday and am here through the weekend to take care of some things, such as my pesky about-to-expire driver’s license.  Since we don’t actually have an address in Cali, I can’t get a CA license.

It’s great to be able to see family!  I brought some of the new soap back so that my best and harshest critic (my mom) could see if it was up to snuff.  So far so good!

As excited as I was for the visit, it was really hard to leave Andy and the pets all alone in Cali.  Yesterday we took them on another long hike after our interviews were done.

View from the hike

The dogs were pooped afterwards!


And the cats weren’t too sure what all my packing was about.  They kept a close watch on the process.
Andy and Theo gave me a great goodbye pose.

   I’m excited to be back visiting family and friends!

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  1. Jackie says:

    It was so nice to see you the other day! ❤

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