Balancing Tasks & Fun

It’s surprising how much we have to get done before we leave — to get the Wandering Dolphin back on the road.

We’ve still been working on getting the vehicles ready. The RV needed a good washing so we pressure washed the exterior, including the roof.


We moved the pool table out from in front of it — the end of an era!

We are working on getting the interior prepped for the road, deep cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of things.

Washing windows, thawing the fridge, organizing cleaning products, etc.

But we’ve taken some time for fun activities. We went to the Oceanside Earth Day Festival and ended up finding a cool painting from a guy on the pier.

He wasn’t part of the festival. He was just painting on the pier. We thought it was a cool find, and he even signed the back of it. A good keepsake from one of our favorite places.

We also spent a beautiful evening having dinner by the ocean.

And we watched the sunset over the water. As always, it was beautiful.

Over the past weekend, we went up to Julian, and I had my last volunteer shift at the California Wolf Center.

Terry and Zeke, my two favorites.

It was incredibly hard to say goodbye to the wonderful people — and wolves — that I’ve spent time with over the past two years. This volunteer experience has truly changed my life, my outlook, on conservation. I will forever be thankful for the experience. And I will never forget the people I met along the way.

We took that afternoon to say goodbye to the town of Julian, a place that will always be in my heart.

We had a nice lunch in town, walked around for a while, and then stopped by Nickel Beer Co. for a Stonewall Stout. Delicious.

We also went to the Earth Day Fair in Balboa Park, which is the largest free environmental event in the world. And they weren’t kidding, it was huge. We parked in a neighborhood nearby and took an Uber in because we remembered how we failed to attend last year.

Afterwards, we took a nice long walk into downtown to get some food and beer.

We are definitely trying to mix in some fun while we get ready to hit the road. This week will be our last week of work (at least in the office). I will be working a bit from the road but other than that, we are taking some time off to have some fun!

Beautiful sunset in the park. 

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