Test Driving Erv

The Wandering Dolphin, also known as Erv, has ventured beyond the wooden walls of its parking spot.

Today, we took it out for a spin, testing the work we’ve done on it. But first, we had to pack it in. For the first time in what seems like forever.

We filled the tires with air and drove down to Iron Mountain before turning around and making our way back to our parking spot.

It was a short drive, but everything sounded great. Overall, we were on the road for about half an hour.

And the animals weren’t sure what to make of it.

It was a good feeling, stretching its legs. It took us a little while to remember our packing in routine. And we realized how much junk we have acquired in the past two years!

Andy did an awesome job driving around the curvy mountain roads.

We still have a few things to get done in the week ahead of us, but we have A LOT of fun things planned! Heading out on the road in a week!

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