Traveling to the Sun

"Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows." -- Helen Keller The Wandering Dolphin crew has been busy, busy, busy since returning to Minnesota. And though we've tried to make sure we take time for the fun things in life, we knew it was about time we got away again.... Continue Reading →

A Wolf Encounter ~ Part Three

After participating in a three-day class for Wolf Handling and Chemical Immobilization through California Wolf Center, I sincerely hoped my wolf days were not over. I was still a volunteer at the center and tried to volunteer as often as I could. But it was never enough for me. One of the perks of taking... Continue Reading →

A Wolf Encounter ~ Part Two

A continuation of my Wolf Handling and Chemical Immobilization class at California Wolf Center: Day two rolled around. On my drive up to the center, I saw an adorable coyote perched on a rock. I was riding the happiness from this sighting when I got into Julian and got closer to the center. Then, I... Continue Reading →

A Wolf Encounter ~ Part One

Sharing this has been a long time coming. But even though it happened last winter, it was a life-changing experience, and I still want to share it (now that I have all the photos organized and my thoughts together). In January, I took a class through California Wolf Center that was one of the most... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks From Minnesota

As I sit here, looking across the slowly freezing lake to the leafless trees along the other side, I think about what I am thankful for from the past year. I am thankful for the wonderful friends and family who have supported us on our crazy journey.   Many of you have stuck with us... Continue Reading →

Sending Prayers to California

It is 26 degrees outside as I write this. As I huddled in my motorhome yesterday morning, Andy asked me, "Did you go for a run today?" "Are you crazy? It's 5 degrees outside this morning. I did yoga," I said with an eye roll. As I griped about the cold weather, thinking about the... Continue Reading →

Taking in Northern Minnesota

With fall truly settling in, it was high time for a trip up North. So, we packed up the Forester and my dad's truck on Friday and headed up to Menahga for the weekend last weekend. Saturday was deer hunting opener, so my dad and Andy were preparing for the big day. The house in... Continue Reading →

A Minnesota Autumn

The Wandering Dolphin crew has been busy adjusting back to Minnesota temperatures. But we've been having fun in the process of welcoming autumn. Since the location of our motorhome was unlikely to receive trick-or-treaters, we stopped by my parents' house for an evening of Halloween fun. Hocus Pocus, pumpkin carving, Halloween decorations, and delicious food... Continue Reading →

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday from the Wandering Dolphin crew! Between work, prepping for Halloween, and celebrating with friends, it has been a busy month! More updates coming soon...

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