The Boys are Back in Town

The Wandering Dolphin has had some visitors over the past week! And what a week it has been.

Our friends Alex and Trav flew into town last Friday, partially to visit us and partially to escape the cold winter in Minnesota.

Andy, Alex, and Trav

And boy, did they ever escape the cold! With temperatures hovering in the 80s, California certainly gave them a chance to thaw out a bit.

Their first weekend in town was spent exploring San Diego and the nightlife.

We even found a coin-operated arcade that serves alcohol — I definitely got my ski-ball on.

The nights were fun and filled with delicious food and great drinks.

We had to visit the Gaslamp Quarter’s oldest bar!

On Sunday, we went to pick them up so we could all head to Ramona. But on the way, we had to hit up Little Italy!

And it was only right that we take them to Stone Brewing Co. on the way home.

Piper and Teddy were ecstatic to see them — Piper for sure remembered them!

Teddy and Alex

On Monday, we woke up bright and early for a trip out to the desert.


We rented ATVs for a half-day excursion into Ocotillo Wells. Were we ever sore afterwards!

We were pretty exhausted, but we’d had a fun day. On the way to the airport the next day, we stopped by Orfila Winery to check out the sites — and of course, the wine.


Alex’s trip was a bit too short, but we made sure to pack in a lot of activities in the few days he was in town. Trav stayed longer and is still hanging out in beautiful Southern California.

On a side note, I volunteered for my first wolf capture, outside of the class I took, on Wednesday, and was awake early enough to see the super blue blood moon! I unfortunately didn’t get a good picture of it when it was red (though it was really, really cool), but I did get one later of it as the eclipse was happening.

Looks like a half-moon but it’s an eclipse!
Sunrise over the mountains at the Wolf Center!


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