Thoughts on the RV: 2 Years in Ramona

Andy and I were sitting around the motorhome the other day, planning our next route with the RV, when something hit us both:

We have been living in the RV for longer than the first two places we lived together.

Aside from our parents’ homes and our house, we have lived in the RV longer than any other place. We lived in our first apartment (in River Falls, WI) for two years. Then we moved to a townhouse in Woodbury, MN, where we lived for a year.

After Woodbury, we bought our home in St. Paul, which we owned for six years.

We have been living in our motorhome for 2 years and 8 months, on the road for 2 years and 4 months, and in Ramona for 2 years. Wow.

Andy made the point that things feel different in the motorhome. The first few months we lived in it were in my parents’ driveway, and we weren’t really living in it so much as sleeping in it. We still cooked and showered in their house. And being parked outside the home I grew up in just made it feel like an extension of their home.

When we were traveling, it felt different than coming home to an apartment. It was all new to us, and it was in a new location most of the time, so it almost didn’t feel like the same place at all.

But when we sat there looking across the living room, it felt like home. It felt like more of a home than I would have ever imagined — and bigger than I would have ever imagined.

Look how far away the bed is!
It feels huge when I look at it from this vantage point. 

Sure, cooking can sometimes get a bit dicey in the small kitchen. And showering in the tiny shower isn’t much of a treat, but it is our home now.

We were planning our RV route when I stopped to look around again.


Andy said, “Are you sad? Because it’s your home?”

And I said, “Kind of.”

He reminded me, “We aren’t selling it, we are just getting back on the road.”

I know that. I do. But there is a little sadness in me as we planned our eventual departure. We sat outside most of the day, a map spread out on the picnic table. Wearing shorts and t-shirts in February, with no threat of cold or bugs, I couldn’t imagine wanting to leave a place like this.


But as we nailed down some of the places we wanted to see on the road, I could feel the excitement of impending travel bubbling up inside of me. The thrill of exploring new places, seeing new things, being back on the road — it’s an excitement I haven’t felt in too long.

Not a lot has changed since our visitors left. The last night Trav was in town, we took him to the dog beach to see the sunset over the ocean.

Then we stopped by one of my all-time favorite breweries: Belching Beaver.

He left the next day, and Andy and I took advantage of the warm weather to do some much-needed snorkeling.


We headed to Mission Point since we haven’t been there for a while. Though the air was warm, the water was very cold. Our bodies eventually became accustomed to it, but our hands and heads never did. We couldn’t tolerate it for long, since we were both starting to get a cold headache (next purchase: a wetsuit hood and gloves).

But we still got to see some pretty sights.


Andy got out of the water but kept me company while I continued to snorkel for a bit. I found a spot with some beautiful plant life and needed to take a video so I could show him (and share it with you!).

It was a beautiful day, but we learned that we can only tolerate our heads in cold water for so long.


Another update on our situation here: we finally replaced the tarp that ripped in Dec/Jan from the strong winds!


A friend gave us some shade cloth to replace it with. It looks a lot nicer and seems to help more with the solar gain. The only downside…you can see through it at night, so we have to make sure both layers of our blinds are closed. But we are happy to have it!

Things are busy for us here in SoCal, as we enter into our third year. We should have more exciting updates coming soon!

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