A SoCal Update

I just wanted to share a quick update on the Wandering Dolphin crew.

It has been hot and (surprisingly and unfortunately) humid here in normally beautiful SoCal.

The weekend before this recent one, we combatted the heat with an evening of wine tasting. Gotta live it up while we can!

We headed out to one of our favorite wineries with a few friends and enjoyed garden chess and bocce ball while drinking some delicious wine.

On Sunday, Andy and I took a much-needed day of relaxation with the critters.

Even Pica enjoyed movie day!

Monday we spent at the ocean. We learned that our new car can fit the small surfboard in it — convenient!

It was overcast and a little cool, but it was a nice break from Ramona.

It was nice to have a vehicle we could lock. When we went out for lunch with Andy’s aunt Kris, we weren’t as concerned about leaving our beach bag in the car.

We walked around the harbor and picked out a style of boat that we think could be part of a future adventure. What do you think?

The harbor and sea lions were as beautiful as always.

On Tuesday, it actually rained in Ramona! I haven’t seen rain in months and missed it.

We had our last league night of the season for pool, and we did really well!! We ended up winning every match. Not too shabby at all.

The week continued to be a little muggy but we had a productive week overall.

I got a lot of writing done and volunteered at both the Wolf Center and Fund for Animals.

Friday night I had my first creative writing gathering at The Art Center in Ramona.

It was a fun night and I am looking forward to the second part next week!

We had some fun with the chickens.

And Ginger laid her very first egg today!

After checking out some fish stores in the area with the dogs, we decided to have a relaxing evening at home.

The dogs are pooped from the day but grilling stuffed peppers and hanging out in the beautiful outdoors is what it’s all about!

Now that the humidity has dropped, we can hopefully enjoy ourselves again.

Looking forward to another exciting week this week (and hopefully a visit to the ocean again…I am seriously going through some withdrawals)!

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