Fire Season is Back

This year’s fire season is just getting started, and we have already had too many for comfort. The rains over last winter encouraged a lot of plant growth – plants that are now dead, dried and perfect kindling for wildfires.

Though I am slightly less terrified than last summer, I am still nervous to leave town for too long of a period of time. I still keep an eye on the Ramona Alerts/Emergencies page for any local fire information, and I have the Cal Fire site on my regular check list.

Recent Jennings Fire burned 400 acres
The fires make me uncomfortable (obviously).

Recently, while we were driving to a hiking trail we wanted to try out, we were confronted with a smoky view.

Lost fire burned 255 acres
We pulled off on the side of the road, snapped a few photos and watched the planes dumping the red retardant on the fire. Then we turned around and headed back the way we came, to a hiking trail further from danger.


As we hiked the trail near sunset, we could see the clouds of smoke floating on the horizon.

Those are not regular clouds.
It makes me nervous, but I know that it shouldn’t stop us from exploring. It shouldn’t keep me at home. And that’s why I check those sites regularly for updated information.

On the fun side, we recently attended a concert and beer festival.

Three different bands played, including Reel Big Fish. It was a great night, filled with beer, music and dancing.

And we decided to treat the dogs to another day at the beach! Little Teddy did much better this time, and we were able to stay longer so they could enjoy it.

Chillin’ on the beach.
This time, we introduced them to the waves. Normally, we stay along the outlet/canal with calmer water but we wanted to see how they would do in the ocean.

They had a blast! And Mr. Theodore learned how to jump over the incoming waves. Piper, as always, had an awesome time playing fetch.

They were pretty pooped out at the end of our day and both fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Downside of the new car: it doesn’t have water-ready seats like the Jeep!
Looking forward to more adventures this weekend!


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