Water, Culture, Hot Dogs and Beer

Well, I cannot give much of an update about life in Ramona other than it is still hot! And we are still finding ways to stay cool but entertained in the summer heat.

We were fortunate enough to find a friend with a pool, and I have threatened to make my presence in it unavoidable if this heat continues.


I do have to say, the heat is nice for laundry day and afternoon showers (our clothes dry fast and we don’t even need to turn the water heater on to shower)!

Piper was pretty thrilled to see Andy after he was done hanging the laundry!

Since we don’t want to be stuck indoors all the time, we try to find activities that we can still enjoy in the heat.

I thought that Julian would be a bit cooler so I went up to the Wolf Center on Saturday.


There were some nice wolf sightings but man, it was hot out!

Sunday marked the two year anniversary of losing Fritz. I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle the day but I spent the morning writing and finding videos of him that were trapped on our archaic computer. We had fun watching those videos and thinking of all the good times we had with him.


We spent the rest of the day with Theo and Piper, at the dog beach and watching movies with them later in the evening.

They were pooped after a day at the beach and perfectly happy to watch movies with us.

On Monday, Andy asked me if I wanted to go to the San Diego Museum of Art (and of course I said yes).

It was cooler in Balboa Park but I was still happy to be in the air conditioning. We lucked out and got to see their Monet exhibit which had just opened two days prior!

Having taken a few art history classes, I was thrilled to see some of the artwork in the museum.

It was, in a word, amazing.

Afterwards, we decided to walk around Balboa Park a little more.


And ventured into the botanical garden.

Afterwards, we took a quick trip to the San Diego Zoo. And by quick, I really mean quick. We hopped on the bus tour (about 30 minutes), saw some of our favorite critters from the bus, and headed out for some food.

After finding a place that was rated to have some of the “best hot dogs in San Diego,” we were excited to discover they had one of my new favorite beers on tap…and it was happy hour so the beer was only $3!

Maui Brewing Co. Coconut Porter

We had a fun day exploring in San Diego (don’t we always??), and we keep realizing how much we love getting out of town and experiencing the city. Hoping for another beach day soon!

Teddy was happy to have us back home though!

On a random note, we found this little fairy house in the park the other day — something we have never seen before. Totally love it.


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