They Strike Again

I’m in the shower. It’s 10 o’clock at night and I am shampooing my hair. Pica is on the shower door, enjoying the mist. Suddenly, a loud boom comes from behind the shower. I jump, Pica jumps, I yell for Andy and he begins to run around the motorhome.

I can hear him going in and out. I can hear him messing with the water outside. I do not have running water in the shower and I am covered in shampoo. I look up and Pica has somehow gotten a small amount of shampoo in her eye. I panic.

I run out of the shower, into the living room, dripping soap and water everywhere as I grab two gallon jugs of water from the floor. Back in the shower, I rinse my hands and grab Pica, dumping small amounts of water from the jug over her face and body. She is pissed but she seems fine; the soap is gone and her eyes look normal.

But I am still covered in shampoo and I have no idea what is going on. I start dumping the cold jugs of water over my hair, trying to rinse out enough shampoo that I can go find out what’s up.

We blew a water line. The one right in the wall behind the shower. Thankfully, we were lazy and haven’t put up new paneling to replace the piece of cardboard covering the hole in the wall from the last time we had water issues.


Andy says to give him five minutes so I stand in the shower shaking and terrified. It is the middle of the night. How are we supposed to fix this if we can’t go to a hardware store?

Luckily, my husband is a smart one because he fixes it in the promised amount of time. I continue my shower and our night goes on — only now, we have an open hole in the wall and a wet floor once again.

Gotta love living in an RV.

Aside from our most recent water issue, we have been dealing with swarms of ants. We had them last summer but they seem much worse this year. I am so sick of dealing with them and I do not like the risk of having ant poison around my other pets. The other day, I had about had it with the ant situation and I told Andy I wanted to move to a houseboat. No ants on the water!

Aside from these recent battles, things have been going well. We have had nicer weather over the past week but it is going to start heating up again (insert sarcastic ‘yay’ here).

The dogs have been doing well with it and are keeping themselves entertained inside.

And we are helping keep them entertained with games.

We found another secret hobbit/fairy house in the park the other day. No idea how we haven’t noticed these before!


Wish us luck that we won’t have any more water issues and that these darn ants go away!

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  1. The little hobbit house would be a perfect place to hide (or find) a geocache! 🙂 Safe travels. Dawn

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