A View From Above

The past few days have been fairly uneventful here in Ramona. Andy and I are just trying to get back into the routine of things now that both of our vacations are done and we are back from our weekend excursion.

On Monday we went down to spend some much needed time in the water — I can only go so long without touching saltwater! It is definitely my happy place. We both went back to work on Tuesday and had a good night out at pool league Tuesday night.

Today we decided to try a new hiking trail and it gave us some pretty amazing views of Ramona.



On one side, we could see the town and the other was the estates area. We pretty much walked along the ridge separating the two parts of town and it was beautiful.



We are excited to explore more hiking trails soon, especially now that the weather is cooling off (though I hate to admit that I’m losing a bit of my Minnesota when it comes to cold tolerance). There’s not much to say at the moment, just getting back into the swing of things but I figured I could share a few pictures from today!


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  1. Gayle Berg says:

    View pretty views! Beautiful dog. I’m sure you have lost some of your tolerance to Minnesota cold. Bring lots of warm clothes next time you visit!!

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