Small Space Entertainment

Living in a motorhome has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage #1: You get to travel to some really cool places.

Advantage #2: Life is a little bit less complicated.



However, the lack of space in a motorhome can by trying for many people.

During the process of selling our home and moving into our RV full time, we went through our belongings many times. We determined which things we wanted to keep in storage for a future life outside of a motorhome, and we determined which things we would need to take with us. Like many RVers, we brought too much stuff with us before realizing what we needed and didn’t need (we are still finding this out a year later).

Storage is a topic that people talk about all the time when they are discussing small spaces. But what about space for other living things?


As you all know, we travel with two dogs, two cats, a bird, and a fish. Finding space for them, as well as their stuff, can be interesting – to say the least.

By now, we’ve pretty much figured that out. But the small space poses other issues. Mainly, their entertainment.

Waiting to play

The dogs are a bit easier than the other animals. Not only do we currently have a yard that they can play in, but we can also take them out with us easier than our other animals. Finding ways to mentally stimulate them is not too difficult a task (although, our regular games of hide-and-seek with Piper have not really been happening the way they did in our house).

What about the cats?


Though we do put them on harnesses and leashes and take them outside, this does not always happen as often as they want it to. We all know that bored animals can be destructive animals so what do we do when we can’t take them outside?

We make fun toys for them!

Getting creative with a Triscuit box

We have also started placing their food in different areas of the RV so that they have to “hunt” for it.

We already made their kitty crawlspace and we have a small cat tree for them in our bedroom. We also have two cardboard scratching spots for them and a few toys – although Theo does like to chew on their toys, so they don’t last long.

As for Pica, finding new things for her to do has been a bit of a struggle. She is still afraid of her harness so we haven’t been able to take her outside, though we have considered getting a second cage to bring her outside in. She gets to hang out with us around the house but there are times when that isn’t possible – like when we are cooking.

For the times when she is stuck in her cage, we try to make sure she has enough to do. We offer different toys that we rotate around, as well as her new foraging toys that make her work for treats.

These have been an amazing thing since she no longer has the company of another bird to keep her entertained.

We are always looking for new ideas for small space entertainment for animals. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated and our animals thank you!

Space will always be a challenge but I feel it is something we have come to work with, instead of it working against us. Living harmoniously in the Wandering Dolphin, one adventure at a time!



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