Our Little Town: Hiking, Pool and the Fair

When you live in a place long enough, you start to take advantage of things and soon there is nothing left that is “new.” Thankfully, we do not feel like we have exhausted all of the fun experiences we can have in this area. There is just too much to explore!

On Thursday, we decided to tackle a different hiking trail since we had a slight break in the hot weather. The dogs were happy to get out for some exercise — as were we.


We went to another county park that is not too far from ours. This one is a campground instead of a day use park and they had a lot of different hiking trails to choose from.

The last time I went up here to take photos for work, I ended up seeing a lot of wildlife.

This deer just stood there as I got out of my car and walked over to take the picture.
I saw about 70 turkeys when I was up there.

Andy and I decided to start off small with a hike that was just over 2 miles.


This was a good idea since we haven’t been out hiking much and it was definitely a leg workout. A couple of weeks ago during the really hot weather, we decided that summer was for the ocean and winter was for hiking.



On Friday night, Andy and I went to the Ramona Country Fair for a little while — mainly so I could take pictures for work but we also split a yummy funnel cake. I went back on Saturday morning to take more photos and got to see their entertaining Wild West show.


The horses were gorgeous. It reminded me of how we wanted to work on a ranch for a while during this adventure and I hope that still happens.

Later that night, our little park hosted a movie night. They brought in a company that set up a huge inflatable screen on which they projected Monsters University. It was fun to see how many people were enjoying it and we enjoyed it ourselves!



Afterwards, we had some friends over for a night of pool. Now that we have the table in our yard, it is hard to do anything else. I am slowly getting better, which is good since I am now apart of a 9-ball league.


The dogs also really like it that we have a pool table since they get more time to hang out in the yard.

I have to admit, working these different events is a lot of fun because I get to see a lot of things and meet a lot of people. Working for the newspaper has made me a better writer and photographer — and has also made me realize that I am definitely a writer and not a journalist. The stories I enjoy the most are not the ones where I am interviewing people but are ones about activities and events that I am interested in.

Luckily, they are letting me write a hiking column once a month about popular hikes in the area. Not only do I get to write about something I enjoy, but it will make me get off my butt and explore more of the trails! My first article was pretty basic but now that I am working on the second one, I am finally getting into the swing of things.

Click here to see my first hiking article!

I am also getting more time to play around with photography, which I really enjoy. I’ll end this with a few of the nature photos I recently took.





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