Lions and Tigers and Bears? No! Wolves, Coyotes, and Fish.

I realized the other day that out of my seven tattoos, six of them are animal-related. It was a fairly random thought but I feel it is pretty telling about who I am.

Photo taken the day I completed my half-sleeve.
On Sunday, we took a trip up to Julian to visit the California Wolf Center. I volunteer there multiple times a month and have met some pretty amazing people while doing so. This was Andy’s first trip up to the the center and he finally got a chance to see where I go and get an idea of what I do while I am there.

Mexican gray wolf
Our friend Tanner and his son, Shay, joined us on our adventure.

Gotta get those sun glasses in place!
Ready to go!
This wolf came up pretty close.
I was really excited to show them the center. It is a cause near and dear to my heart; I am even more excited about it now that I am animal care trained and get to enter the enclosures!

Click here to read the article I wrote about the California Wolf Center.

Afterwards, we stopped for lunch and a quick hike on our way back down the hill. We saw a coyote running through a field during our drive. Beautiful. 

Check out that view!
It seemed only right that Shay would bring his new stuffed wolf from the wolf center on the hike with us.
After a fun day of exploring, we headed home.

Monday, Andy and I went snorkeling. We tried and failed, again, to go to La Jolla Cove for our adventure. It is still too busy down there with all the tourists in town (the downside of Cali). We are hoping that it will calm down after Labor Day.

Instead, we went back to Mission Point for our snorkel adventure. We can always find parking there!


We saw a lot of little fish, several large garibaldi and — the coolest thing — a flounder, scurrying across the sandy bottom.


We topped off the day with a visit to Karl Strauss Brewing Company. I had already tried their red ale — which made my top 5 favorite beer list — so I was excited to try some of their others.



I loved this!
Overall, a great weekend of exploration. We are really looking forward to finding some new snorkeling spots on our next adventure!

Until next time, you stay classy San Diego.

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