Finding His Hobby

When Andy and I first started dating in high school, there were a few activities that we enjoyed doing in our free time. One of our favorite things was to go out on the lake with Andy’s Jet Ski and, once we were older, out on the boat – we have both always been water people, as I’ve mentioned before.

Lake we grew up on in MN. Gorgeous.
Chillin’ out on the boat last June.

Another thing we enjoyed was playing pool in the basement of his dad’s house. I remember playing for hours at a time. When we were first looking for a house to buy, Andy kept saying, “I want it to have room for a pool table.”

We did not buy a home with enough space for one; even though we had a separate family room, the dimensions were not right to fit a table. Though we had fun with foosball tournaments, he always said, “In our next home, I want room for a pool table.”

Since we have been in Ramona, Andy has joined two different pool leagues and seems to really be enjoying it. It has also helped us meet a lot of people in town. A major perk – and one of our goals – of living this new life of ours is that we have the time and energy to go out and do the things that we love. For Andy, one of those things is pool.

Playing pool at a friend’s house in Ramona.

Aside from his Tuesday and Wednesday night league games, we go out a couple of times a week to play for fun. On Monday, we drove up toward Julian and hit up the Julian Station where we stopped at all three tasting rooms in the building (hard cider, wine and mead) before playing pool and air hockey.


Andy and Tanner at Julian Hard Cider.

Afterwards, we went to Wynola Pizza for a delicious dinner. The next day, Andy and I could not believe how sore our arms were from our intense air hockey games!

After meeting people through league, Andy and a couple of friends concocted a plan to get a pool table to set up in our yard. You know, because it’s always beautiful in California and you can do stuff like that here.

Their plan has succeeded.


On Tuesday, a pool table was delivered to our yard and set up. That night, we played more games of pool than I could even count. Not only is Andy ecstatic to finally have a pool table, but it will also save us a lot of money. Around here, the only place we can consistently go out to play is at a bar. Cost per game ranges from 50 cents to $1 plus drinks. That can add up quickly when you play for hours.

We even figured out how to hang a light above the table!

Andy asked me, “How do you feel about me bringing my mistress home with me?” He was referring to the new pool table, obviously.


I told him that I could see that I would be getting less attention. Though that is true, I am so happy that he is able to do something that he loves on such a regular basis. The excitement lighting up his eyes is priceless.


In Minnesota, Andy often spent free time playing disc golf with friends. However, this is only a summer sport so all winter long, he would not have a hobby to entertain him. We were surprised by how hard it is to find a disc golf course out in SoCal – it seems like an obvious activity for an area with such nice weather year round.

This whole adventure has made us both see what is important in our lives, what our priorities should be. Though it seems like a small thing, the life that we led before this one did not allow us this same type of luxury to enjoy as much of our lives as we are currently. I miss parts of my past life, I miss having a real home, I miss being close to friends and family, but I do not miss having the same responsibilities and obligations that came with that former life. We are still excited every day to see where this adventure will bring us.

Little T-bear is happy we will be home more often playing pool!


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