Prepping for the PCT

As I mentioned before, our friend Trav has decided to hike the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail).  He was staying with us for ten days before beginning that hike.  The PCT spans from the Mexico border to the Canadian border and covers over 2600 miles through various climates.  Needless to say, we are proud of him for trying to accomplish this, whether he finishes it or not.  It is an adventure that makes us a little jealous.  Sure, we quit our jobs and took off on the open road in an RV but there is something about traveling with only the stuff you can carry on your back that has an appeal to it; it pulls on my explorer strings.

Before he left, we explored a lot of what SoCal has to offer and discovered some pretty cool places we have never been to before.  We also did some of the normal tourist-y stuff, like the zoo and wine tasting.

Views from a vineyard in Ramona.


We had a good time exploring and hanging out, trying to convince him to move to SoCal once he is done with his journey.  We kept really busy but we also made sure to have the necessary downtime.

Piper is enjoying her downtime.
Theo wants to join in on the next round of Bananagrams.

After an amazing last night in Ramona, with a delicious meal at a restaurant in town, we helped him pack up the rest of his stuff and drove him down to the trailhead for the PCT.

Testing out the gear.
At the trailhead (behind the metal fence is Mexico).

We said our goodbyes and watched him set off on his own adventure.  I can’t wait to hear stories from the trail!  Good luck!


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