Each New Day

The Wandering Dolphin finds itself temporarily resting in Southern California.  And what a place to rest!  Each day we enjoy sun and a temperature holding steadily in the 60s.  We are near the ocean, my favorite place to be.  And we are experiencing new things each day! Our lives feel more fulfilling than ever before as we have the freedom to explore new places and ourselves.

Andy is exploring new hobbies in the making of glass art.  He is inspired to make something out of the vast amount of recycling and is toying with making things from glass beer, water, and wine bottles.


His idea is to make things from our recycling like drinking glasses, candles, and planters for house plants.  His creative mind will stop at nothing to make this happen!

We are both enjoying coming up with new soap recipes.  It’s exciting to see how things turn out and how well different scents take hold.  Our most recent one is a combination of oatmeal, eucalyptus, lavender, and rose; it smells awesome!

Our experimental coffee soap turned out a success!

Of course, we are taking the time to enjoy the ocean and what beauty it has to offer.  We try to make it down to watch the sunset whenever we can!

We found out that Oceanside, CA has a wonderful evening art/food/music festival each week.  We had a lot of fun walking through the different shops, tasting the food, and listening to live bands.  We hope to be able to set up a stand here in the future with our own nature-inspired products!


We are still learning more and more about RV life and the trials that come with it. Just this morning we had another occurrence that made us wonder if this was really any different than owning a house.  The spring that contracts one of our stabilizer jacks broke…right before we were supposed to move the RV to a different site.


We used a strap to hold up the jack so we could switch spots and found out that the part is fairly inexpensive but it will take at least 2 weeks for them to get it in!  I turned to Andy and said, “it’s like owning our house all over again.”  He nodded and said, “yep.  Just one project after another!”  Soon enough, it seems we will have replaced everything there is to replace!  Such is the live of an RV’er.  On the bright side of things, we are possibly getting a position as Park Host here in beautiful SoCal!  Hopefully we will be able to enjoy this wonderful climate and the ocean for a while longer!

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