The RV Battle

A quick update on our furnace situation:

Several weeks ago, I briefly mentioned that our furnace was starting to squeal quite loudly.  A sound like the combination of a knife being run over a chalkboard and someone torturing a squirrel.  We figured out that it was our blower motor beginning to go out so we quickly drove to Arizona where we could be in better weather and close to family if something happened.

While in Arizona, we found the blower motor part we needed and Andy tried to replace it.  What we are constantly learning is that nothing is easy in an RV.  A quick job is never just a quick job because something always breaks.  Or goes wrong.  Or gets really expensive.  The steep learning curve just keep getting steeper.  Andy ended up breaking off a tool in the exhaust fan (which wouldn’t come out).  So we gave up for a little while and headed to California where we have been enjoying wonderful weather.


The days here are mainly sunny and 60-68° but the nights get a little cooler (around 45°).  Since we fixed our propane leak, we have hardly gone through any propane (yes! awesome!).  However, these cool nights still make our furnace kick on.  We haven’t heard much squealing other than when we ran our batteries too low (due to our lack of generator).  Then two nights ago, it decided to squeal with a vengeance.  We both jerked awake, convinced we were about to be murdered by a deranged pig.  Alas, it was the furnace once more, back to haunt us about our shirked duties and irresponsible nature.  This happened the next night too.

Today, our new exhaust fan was delivered to the shop down the road.  Another surprise in RV living that’s not so surprising: things are made poorly these days compared to before.  Our metal-with-bolts exhaust fan is being replaced with a plastic one held on by a plastic clip.  That’s sure to last while (note the sarcasm).  On the very bright side of things…Andy was able to get everything replaced quickly and smoothly this time around!  We now have a functional, non-squealing furnace!

One thing we did learn from the shop is that our generator is not manufactured anymore so if our carbs cannot be cleaned, they need to be replaced ($$$), no chance for rebuilding them.  If this doesn’t work, the whole unit would need replacing (about $800).  However, this has motivated us to look into other options!  We will eventually go to solar power instead–something we wanted to do anyway but did not have the money for before we left home.  Then we can truly camp wherever we want!  We will no longer be tied to “the grid.”

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