Fish Tacos

When we started on this adventure, we had a very loose idea of where we were going.  We knew that we wanted to be in Colorado for Thanksgiving and California for New Years but everywhere in between was up for discussion.  After New Years, we really had no idea what to expect.  It was terrifying and liberating at the same time.

Before leaving home, we came up with the possibility of working on a horse ranch over the summer months.  After coming to California, our ideas have changed.  We applied for a Park Host position and it looks like we are going to get it!  We are incredibly thrilled with the opportunity to be spending more time in Southern California, with the proximity of the ocean and a whole world of new things to be discovered.  We will be learning a lot more about how to survive on a limited income and enjoy doing the things that we love.  And I am sure we will learn a lot more about RV life as well!

Sunset on the beach

I hope that the coming year brings us a wealth of new opportunities.  If this is where we end up staying for a while, I hope to get very involved in some of the wildlife sanctuaries in the area.  Not being tied down by a mortgage gives us the freedom and energy to explore what we can do.  Before we lost Fritz, I had very high aspirations of getting involved in wildlife conservation.  Those aspirations were temporarily put on the back burner but they are far from gone.  I am thrilled that both my drive and passion are coming back and that they can be put to good use here in Cali.

We will see where the coming weeks will bring us and if we will end up getting this position that we so desire.  Until then, we are going to keep searching out the best fish taco places that SoCal has to offer!  So far, Las Olas takes the cake.


And, of course, we will spoil the dogs with as much hiking as they can handle!

Theo, exhausted after a hard bout of playtime


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