Back in New Mexico

Our first day of extensive travel in almost a month!  We decided that it was safer for us to head south again than to travel over the mountains (not trying to experience that again in the winter).  So instead of seeing the Sand Dunes like we wanted, we cut south instead to avoid higher elevation and potentially dangerous roads.

It is a good thing we decided to….this is what it looked like yesterday in Pueblo, CO while we were getting ready:



And here is what it looked like this morning when we woke up:


We watched the storm coming over the mountains and decided to head out.  Everything changed so much just overnight.  We finished packing up and said our goodbyes to my family.  To the kids, we will forever be known as Cha-cha (me) and Candy, Randy, or oddly enough, Angie (Andy).

The drive was a little scary at first with the high winds and icy roads but we made it in good time.  We are staying just outside of Las Vegas, NM in a place called Storrie Lake State Park.  It is…unimpressive.  The “State Park” is small and right off the main road (though so far traffic hasn’t been terrible).  They have the water turned off to the campground for the winter so we paid $5 to fill up at an RV park in town.  Their website says that the dump station is open but when we got here, it was closed.  Best part: Andy drove up to pay for our site and when trying to drive back, the gate had automatically closed and a spike strip went up preventing him from bringing the Jeep back.  Great.

On the bright side, we are alone in the park and the dogs have a huge field to run around in!



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