A Time for Celebration

A brief update of our final days in Colorado…

We went into the mountains again yesterday and picked one of the worst days possible.  Of course, we decided to go while it was snowing (because that was so smart of us the first time).  This time, we took the Jeep and went to explore the town of Westcliffe.  Here’s the backstory to that: whenever Andy and I go to a new place, we like to check out what type of land we can buy for our money.  We found some amazing deals for some gorgeous property out in Westcliffe, CO and wanted to know what it was like out there.

Apparently, it’s normally beautiful.  After another scary drive on winding mountain roads (and after seeing 9 cars in the ditch), we finally arrived in Westcliffe but the mountains were completely obscured by the fog and snow.  It soon got dark and we couldn’t go to see the property we were interested in.  But the drive was fun!

Today was gorgeous and would’ve been a much better day to go on a drive. We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset in sweatshirt weather.


Since Andy and I don’t know where we will be for Christmas, we decided to have an early celebration with my family.  The kids had a blast opening the gifts we got them!  Probably the most entertaining was the “Flarp” noise putty that we got the boys.  You know boys and their fart noises.  Soon enough, all of us had “flarped” several times and the putty was being thrown around the room, collecting every particle in its path.

Tomorrow, we are prepping for our departure (Tuesday).  It’ll be a long day of laundry, dishes, and a nice deep-clean of the RV!

Our gifts from the kids:) They’ll come on the road with us!

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