Looking for the Heat

Just like owning a home, nobody tells you about all the pitfalls of owning an RV until after you have one.  They are like boats; you’re always doing some sort of maintenance on them and the maintenance is expensive.  Our newest bit of fun: a squealing furnace.

Of course, as soon as we park in New Mexico, this happens.  Five times in one evening our furnace kicks on and has the loudest and most obnoxious squeal imaginable.  After a bit of research, we find out that our blower motor is going out.  Great.  A quick phone call quoted us $300 just to take it apart and get the part number off the motor! We quickly vetoed that idea since Andy is amazing and can do almost anything he sets his mind to.

We decided to get out of New Mexico and go to his Uncle Charlie’s house in Prescott, AZ as soon as we could (this way, if something happened to the furnace we weren’t stuck in the middle of the woods–or desert).  Andy decided that he would do the work on the furnace once we found the right part, so we made the 10 hour drive to Prescott in one shot.

View from the road
Roadside shops selling jewelry, etc. in New Mexico
Signs we started seeing as soon as we entered Arizona

And I just need to say it: Arizona is beautiful!  We obviously haven’t seen much of it yet but what we have seen has been impressive.  The drive yesterday went smoothly and we were thankful since it was our longest drive so far.

View from the road in Arizona

We parked in his uncle’s driveway without any trouble and even had time to take the dogs on a nice, long hike today!




Tomorrow we hunt for the furnace motor that we need and hopefully fix this terrible noise!



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