Returning to Minnesota

The deep rumbling, sharp cracking of thunder and bright flash of lightening have Teddy bolting upright in bed. It's his first real midwestern thunderstorm since he was just a baby. And it's our most recent one in the RV. Rain and hail pound down on the roof, bouncing water through the ceiling vents and causing us... Continue Reading →

When You’re in North Dakota

If there's one state out there that I find more boring than all others, it has to be North Dakota. My grandpa said it well when he said, "You can see further and less than any other place." I came to this realization years ago when, on a trip to buy a new love seat,... Continue Reading →

Oh Montana, Montana

Leaving Idaho, we decided to tackle our longest drive of the journey so far. We typically try to keep days around 300 miles or less, but we were feeling ambitious. So, we went for a long one. After the breathtaking drive through western Montana and a not-as-stunning drive toward our campground, we finally reached our... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Idaho

We spent a beautiful Memorial Day weekend in Idaho at Farragut State Park just north of Coeur d'Alene. The weather was nearly perfect, with 75-degree, sunny days. Our campground was packed to the brim! We'd booked the last spot available. But it had a HUGE benefit of having not one, not two, but five disc... Continue Reading →

Packing in a Motorhome

For those of you who’ve just started following the Wandering Dolphin and haven’t read back to the beginning blogs, I wanted to share a bit of traveling info. What does it mean to pack-in the RV? “Packing-in” the RV is the process we go through to get on the road. We have things that sit... Continue Reading →

Wandering in Washington

Let’s start this off by saying that Southern Washington is B-E-A-U-TIFUL. After crossing over from Oregon, we followed the river until we reached the first plot of land we wanted to see. We’d decided not to travel too far from our last Oregon camping spot so that we could see some land along the way.... Continue Reading →

The Oregon Coast

California faded slowly behind us as we made our way up Highway 101 toward the Oregon coast. It was with a mixture of sadness and excitement that we left the Redwoods and the state that had served as our home for the past two years. The overcast skies had us missing the sun of Southern... Continue Reading →

The Redwoods

It seemed almost too soon that we were back on the road after only a little rest, but we were excited for our next destination. Before leaving Fort Bragg entirely, we stopped by Noyo Harbor, which bills itself as “one of the West Coast’s most scenic harbors.” After a quick stop to get some smoked... Continue Reading →

Monterey, Big Sur, and Fort Bragg

We realized upon leaving our campground in San Simeon that we were in a pocket of green beauty. When we got back on the road, we were once again driving through flat agricultural land and entertained ourselves by watching the many fields of vegetables pass us by. Our next destination was a mere 138 miles... Continue Reading →

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