A New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Lots to share from the past week. I haven't forgotten about the blog -- just working out some issues with media storage space on the site. Stay tuned for news about our recent adventures!

A December Update

It's been a busy December for the Wandering Dolphin crew! Here's a quick catch-up from the past week or so... We celebrated an early Christmas with Andy's aunt Kris. It was a nice, relaxing night in. We went to two other Christmas parties over the weekend. One ugly sweater party: And one party with my... Continue Reading →

Three Years Ago

On this day, three years ago, we bought our home. It was a cold winter day when we drove it home from the dealership. We could hardly believe what we had done. We had a celebratory beer with our parents after getting it back to Andy's dad's house. It would be months before we'd hit... Continue Reading →

Free Flying

With the recent fire scares and nerve-wracking weather, we haven't strayed too far from home. We've been busy getting ready for the holidays — shopping for gifts and figuring out how to send things. Our weekend was filled with running errands and helping out in the park. The local garden club decorated a few things in... Continue Reading →

Not a Fan of Fires

Snow and ice storms, thunder and lightening, tornadoes, torrential downpours — these are all things I have dealt with in my life. And though none of them make me feel particularly comfortable, they are things I understand, things I grew up with. We've dealt with wildfire scares in Oklahoma and here in SoCal before, but... Continue Reading →

Kicking off the Christmas Season

December is here! But it certainly doesn't feel that way with today's high of 75 degrees. That's a bit of a difference from our family and friends dealing with Minnesota's 20 degrees (and they recently got a bit of snow). We've had a busy start to the month, with Andy working his new job and... Continue Reading →

Calling the Dolphins

The day was cool and overcast, the sun barely peeking out from behind the clouds. I could smell the ocean before I could see it, that salty sea breeze that beckons me closer. We rounded the corner, the tires of the Jeep slowly crawling across the sand as we neared the water. The undulating waves... Continue Reading →


Happy belated Thanksgiving from the Wandering Dolphin crew! We had a nice day yesterday. We went down to Encinitas to take photos for an event I am writing about, played with the dogs in the park, rested, and then dropped the dogs off at home before heading down to Aunt Kris' house in Oceanside. We... Continue Reading →

An Outdoor Challenge

I feel the burn in my legs and in my lungs as I climb the hill before me. All at once painful yet satisfying, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I reach the top. I would not venture to say that Andy and I are “avid” hikers, but we do like to hit the... Continue Reading →

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