The RV Reno Begins

OK, I’ll just say it. I’ve been lazy when it comes to renovating my RV. I have big ideas, but actually taking action takes a little nudge.

But it was summer, right? Too hot to work on a motorhome and life is too busy to worry about it.

With fall’s cooler weather approaching, I decided to take my first major step in renovating the interior.

I removed the cupboard doors in the kitchen and living room, washed everything thoroughly, and started priming.

I’ll tell you what, about halfway through just the kitchen I started looking around the rest of the motorhome trying to figure out what I could skip. The bedroom will look fine if I leave all the wood, right? It’s not too small a space to have different cabinets…ugh…

Andy says he’s pretty sure I’ll need to do all the cabinets. “It’s a big project you took on,” he said.

Yep. It sure is.

While I was working inside, he was working right above me. On the roof.

After power-washing everything, he started re-sealing the roof with a fancy large bucket of stuff called Henry.

We got quite a bit done, but there’s still a lot more that needs to happen. The roof needs to dry for two hours in between each coat, so Andy is planning to apply two more coats on top of the two he put on.

I was able to finish priming the cabinets in the kitchen and living room, but I still have so much to do in the rest of the motorhome. Crossing my fingers for good weather this weekend so I can keep at it!

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