Sending Prayers to California

It is 26 degrees outside as I write this.


As I huddled in my motorhome yesterday morning, Andy asked me, “Did you go for a run today?”

“Are you crazy? It’s 5 degrees outside this morning. I did yoga,” I said with an eye roll.

As I griped about the cold weather, thinking about the other night when our water lines turned to slush and the toilet stopped working, I realized I had a lot to be thankful for.

I may be dealing with frozen waterlines, expensive propane bills, and cold weather, but the folks in California are dealing with much worse. Fires.

Photo I took of fire near Ramona in 2016.

My heart goes out to those currently dealing with the fires spreading across the state. I know how afraid I was when I first saw smoke on the horizon, and I cannot imagine how those in the midst of the inferno are feeling — those who may have lost homes or loved ones. My thoughts are with the people, animals, and wildlife in those areas.

The Wandering Dolphin crew is sending positive thoughts to those dealing with the current fires — and to those brave enough to fight them. We understand that thoughts and prayers are not enough, but it is all we have to give right now. And I believe the world could use a little more positivity.


Here are a few ideas for those who are able to help:

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