The Teaching Thing

Friday night marked my first night as a teacher — I taught my first creative writing class for adults.


It wasn’t a huge turnout, but it was a fun night and it got me out of my comfort zone. Going through school, I never wanted to be a teacher (mainly because I’m not big into kids). The opportunity arose to collaborate with The Art Center in Ramona, and now I am teaching a six-week class!

It has certainly been a learning experience for me so far — creating lesson plans and filling an hour with information and activities has made me grow.

Proud of myself after the first class!

Part of our goal of this adventure was to learn more about our interests, experience new things, and see where we want to go in life.

Aside from my night of teaching, I covered the annual Wolf Center fundraiser as a photographer. I do photography for myself and for the newspapers I write for, but I haven’t covered an event like this before and it was certainly interesting.

Local news station was there!

It was a fun event, and I got more experience with indoor event photography.

Plus, I got to see this AMAZING artist do live speed painting. It took all of my self-control not to bid on her work!

No idea where I would have put a painting like that in a motorhome, but I would’ve made something work! Phenomenal.

Aside from my two big events, Andy and I took some time to spend with one another and the dogs. The heat is back in Ramona, and it certainly doesn’t feel like October. We decided not to let it hinder us, so we took the dogs for a couple of outings.

Breakfast in town.

Even with going for breakfast, the dogs had some pent-up energy.

We decided another beach day was in store — we haven’t taken them down in a while and little Teddy needed more socialization (not to mention giving Piper something to help with her boredom).


Since it was so hot, we decided to go down at sunset.

Teddy was very yippy — we definitely need to bring him down more often.


It was a beautiful night and — like always — we were amazed by the beautiful California sunset.


Watching the sun drop behind the horizon is not an experience to miss.


Piper, of course, had a great time playing in the sand and meeting other dogs.


And we had a really relaxing time watching the dogs play, listening to the ocean, and seeing the sky change color.


Andy and Ted watching the waves.

While sitting on the beach, we took stock of our lives. We like to regularly check in with one another to see how happy the other person is. Neither of us could complain about how lucky we are to have nights like this.


We ended our evening by stopping by a new brewery.


There are so many breweries we want to try before hitting the road again — far too many to attempt before we leave so we have to be a little picky.


It was a fun weekend for all of us — new experiences and quality time spent together with our furry family.


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