The Healing Powers of Music and Water

Heat, ants, mice, water problems and more — nothing is truly avoidable when living in a motorhome.

I must have jinxed us by saying that I was happy the worst part of summer was over. The past few days, and the next few, are well in the 100s. Yesterday’s high was 109 degrees. I’m kicking myself now for saying anything about the weather, I was just beginning to feel comfortable again.

The ants have started up again with the heat wave. They were manageable for a while and are now coming into the RV in hordes. It doesn’t seem to matter what type of deterrents or poisons we use, they are intent on coming into the RV and making my life difficult.


As I mentioned before, we have also noticed mice coming into the RV. Our kitchen is torn apart because we needed to disinfect everything after finding droppings in the cupboards and drawers. Ellie has killed three and Andy has taken out the rest.

So far, we have been successful in preventing more mice from entering our home. We are waiting to see if we have gotten rid of them all and since I don’t want to have to re-disinfect everything again, I have not put some of the dishes back in their spots. And let me tell you, our house is WAY too small to not have things where they are supposed to go! Piles of stuff everywhere and it’s driving me crazy.

I’ve gone on cleaning sprees, disinfecting sprees, ant killing sprees — everything seems to only last for moments before something else pops up again.

For months, we have been dealing with water pressure issues in the RV. After the water lines blew, we replaced our regulator with the only “RV-specific” one available locally. This one was less than ideal. After a short period of time, it started making our water pressure so poor that we could hardly do dishes or shower.

So, I bought one that wasn’t RV-specific. This one did not have the right connections and we went back to using the crappy one.

FINALLY, the one we ordered on Amazon was delivered and I am happy to report that our water pressure is back to normal and at a usable level! I must say, I forgot what it was like to shower with real water pressure. It is amazing.

Just installed on Monday!

In spite of dealing with all these not-so-fun things, we have been trying to enjoy life in SoCal.

Teddy always enjoys life

On Saturday, we went to the Ramona Country Fair and had a fun time looking at all the shops. We even watched an old west show, which was pretty entertaining.





Sunday, we went to a music festival in Carlsbad. It was a pretty day out — overcast and cool, though a little humid.

DSC_0852 (1)

We checked out different bands and the artisan market.

We spent some time sitting on the beach, watching the waves and relaxing.


While sitting there, we saw a small pod of three dolphins swim by. Luckily, I had my nice camera with and I was able to get a couple of photos.

DSC_0898 (1)

DSC_0868 (1)
I never get sick of watching them

DSC_0864 (1)

We went out for lunch at a yummy pizza place and found out they serve one of our favorite beers. Yay!

On our way home, we stopped into one of the breweries in town to give their beer another chance now that our palates have changed. Andy liked it more this time but I still wasn’t too impressed.


Monday, we slept in and took the dogs to the beach — it was way too hot to do much else. It was cooler down by the water, and I went swimming with Piper and Teddy. It felt nice to be in the water.

We set up an umbrella and read on the beach for a while.

Eventually, it started to cool down more and, as we were walking back to the car, it started to sprinkle and the wind picked up, whipping sand around viciously so that people were running for cover. We left just in time!

It was nice to take a couple of days off to not worry about things. Now it’s time to get back to it: cleaning and disinfecting everything, and trying to get our house put back together!

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  1. Mark Stanley says:

    I have taken a 30 day Vacation reading your blog has been a inspiration to me.People such as me get caught up in stuff and forget what life is all about. Thank you for reminding me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading. It is comments like this that make me keep writing about it!


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