Earth Day 2017

Happy Earth Day!

Those of you who know me well know that Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays (yes, I consider it a holiday). For those unfortunate enough to have worked with me in the past, you probably received email after email reminding you this day was coming — or perhaps you got to see my lovely reminder on the white board behind Pet Care.

I digress…

Most of the time, when I celebrate this day, I take a vow not to drive my car, not to use single-use items, and I typically plant something (such as a tree or flowers in the garden). This year, I did something a little different.


I have never participated in a march or protest of any kind but I decided that the March for Science was something that I needed to be a part of. At first, I considered doing a “satellite” march, where I joined from the safety of my computer. However, I knew this was not the right choice.

I decided to drive down and join in the March for Science in San Diego, one of many cities across the country holding the march today.

I won’t get into my beliefs or why I chose to do this, though I am happy to answer questions should anyone wish to know more. For me, this was a no-brainer.

It was a peaceful gathering, attended by many, with several speakers who had backgrounds in science.

I wanted to share some of the many creative signs that I saw today.

It was interesting to be a part of something so huge and I am happy that I attended!


Afterwards, I decided to attend the Oceanside Earth Fair.

There were stands filled with artwork by talented artists, many of them creating pieces of art out of recycled items. Since it was a hot day today and I was already so close, I decided to walk down for a quick visit to the ocean.


Though I have been working towards removing them from my life altogether, I took a pledge to officially cut out the use of plastic one-time-use straws in favor of only using my stainless steel ones (now I have to make sure I remember to use them!).


It was a different kind of Earth Day today, but one that I enjoyed very much. The day is still young! Once Andy gets home, we will be picking up litter/trash in the park.


I am still seeking donations for my run in June — I am fundraising on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund. If you are looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day today, please consider donating! I am very close to my goal!

Thanks! Now, get off your phone or computer and get outside! Enjoy the day!

(Yes, I will be taking my own advice right now as well.)



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