A Weekend With the Ladies

Being on the road can be hard on friendships. It is difficult to stay in touch and, as the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.”

I knew that when I went on this adventure, I was risking some of the relationships I had in my former life. I knew it would be hard and I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep everyone. It was a painful thought but I knew that I needed to be realistic. So far, we have been pretty lucky that our friends have stayed in touch while we have been on the road. It’s not an easy thing to ask of them and they have been amazing.

Since we have been in California, we have met some pretty amazing people and have started to develop some pretty awesome friendships. However, most of them are guys…and I’m sorry guys but sometimes a girl needs some female companionship.

Last weekend, a couple of friends from Minnesota flew in for a short visit to the area. I was excited and nervous to have them here — excited for the fun we would have but nervous because I didn’t know how it was going to go since we hadn’t talked in a while.

It was amazing.

Liz and Becka, who we have known for years, flew into town on Saturday. Since it was a beautiful day, I met them down at the beach in La Jolla.


We spent time catching up as we soaked up some sun, walking along the beach. Then we headed over to the Cove for a sea lion visit.


They were active and a blast to watch!

Then we went out for a bite to eat before heading back up to Ramona. A low-key movie night in their hotel capped off the night.

Eating outside in January, love it!

On Sunday, we decided to explore the San Diego Zoo. You can’t put three ladies together who love animals and not go to the zoo.


My favorite animal to visit at the zoo. Always fun to watch!

Afterwards, we had a wine tasting adventure.


We went back to their hotel and had some girl time together, getting ready for the evening.

Becka doing my makeup

Then we spent the evening grilling food and hanging out at our place with some of our Cali friends.

Liz snuggling with Mr. Ted

Monday was their last full day in town before they headed out to L.A. We spent the day down in Oceanside, hanging out at the beach, wandering around the shops, and checking out the pier.

Definitely needed a nap on the beach after the previous day’s adventures
Oceanside Pier

That night, we relaxed in their hot tub and pool at the hotel. Andy and I took full advantage of their shower! You just can’t beat a nice shower and RV showers are just not the same.

After a farewell breakfast on Tuesday morning, they came over to say goodbye to all the animals.

We said goodbye and they took off for their next adventure.

Liz and Becka, thank you both for coming out to visit us! I had a blast and look forward to seeing you again!!



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