Some Days You Should Just Go Back To Bed…

It has been an interesting 13 hours. 

Last night, while watching Forrest Gump, our power cut out. This is not abnormal for SoCal, where we have had more power outages this summer than an entire year in Minnesota. 

After checking it out, we realized that it was just us. The park still had power but we did not. After messing with the breaker for a while, we gave up and went to sleep. 

2:30 a.m. rolls around and even though it was cool outside, our RV was HOT. Two dogs and a cat sleeping in your bed will do that to you. 

We decided to run an extension cord into the garage to hook up a few fans. Our room cooled down quickly and we were soon back asleep. 

6:40 a.m. 

No power once again. This time, we are not alone. The office and shed have lost power as well. But the rest of the park is fine. Not good. 

I went out to talk to the park attendant on duty and he was holding an exploded breaker in his hands. 

Ok. We can fix this. We just need the part. 

I head out to the wildlife rehab center to volunteer and hope they will have it fixed by the time I get home. 

While at the center, a fire breaks out at the end of town. We are not sure if we will need to evacuate the animals at the center but they thankfully get it under control — unfortunately not before a homeowner loses their life. Everyone is rightfully upset and I leave the center with a heavier heart. The destruction and devastation of a fire is almost overwhelming. 

As I roll up in the Jeep, an unhappy Andy is crossing the parking lot. 

Not only do we not have power, but now our water heater has exploded everywhere. Great. 

Andy is working on fixing it but we aren’t sure if we will need a part. 

After a good dose of CLR and some Teflon tape, we are have water again. 

The park has a new breaker, we are able to take showers, and our 13 hours of heck are hopefully over. 

Looks like we are hopefully back up and running!

**Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the person lost in the fire**

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