My Tiny House Organization

Yesterday, we made the trek into San Diego for a trip to Ikea.  We were on the hunt for some space-saving solutions for small homes and Ikea was the first place that came to our mind for reasonably-priced ideas.  We have found that while many RV specialty stores do carry some good stuff, you end up paying a premium price for them.

As we walked down the curving Ikea maze, I was drawn into some of their home layouts with curiosity and a little bit of awe.  One 596-square foot layout in particular.  I toured its adorable kitchen, complete with space for real cabinets, the living room that contained a real bookshelf.  I stared wide-eyed at the bedroom and bathroom as I took in the outlandishly large closet for storage.  It was a palace.

I remember walking through these setups when I had a house, thinking that maybe I could live in something like that but probably not.  Now, however, I don’t know what I’d do with all the space!

We did end up finding some neat little contraptions to help with our storage issues.

One area that has irked us for a while is the space where we have our coffee maker and toaster.  Though we replaced the broken built-in with a rack that allowed us to add a toaster, we were struggling with where to keep our filters, sugar, and cinnamon so that they would be handy.


We added a second little rack to the wall, easily removable for when we drive.  So far, it seems like the perfect fix!

Since we’ve been parked in SoCal, we have turned over the front driver’s seat to storage.  Piper likes to hang out in the passenger seat and we wanted to leave our reclining chair open for another seating option; that left the driver’s seat as the place to stash stuff.


“Stashing” is not really the right word here.  It’s a complete mess.  Mail, purses, bags, clothing…it all ends up right here.

This spot is still in progress.  We did buy a rack for more organization—to be installed.  For now, we added a hook in the cabinet above the steering wheel so we can hang up our park shirts.  It helps a little.

We also added a place to put our hats (apparently I’m a hat person in SoCal.  All that sun).



As we are working on improving other areas, such as our shower storage (FYI, suction cup shelves are a joke, thanks a lot Target), we are coming up with more creative storage ideas for our tiny house on wheels.

Last night, Andy looked at me and said, “All these improvements make it seem like you are accepting the idea that we are going to be living in this for a while.”

I am accepting it.  I truly am.

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  1. Mom says:

    Its not just an RV anymore, it’s your home, a place to hang your hat! So why not make improvements. Even when we went camping, we made improvements to make life easier. I agree those suction cup shelves and hooks don’t hold up. I bought a fancy one from Bed, Bath and Beyond that had a knob to tighten the suction hold. It’s junk! keeps falling off the wall. I like the Command hooks with the strip so you can move them. They make them nice looking now too, not just plastic. Good luck. Love you, Mom

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  2. Emily says:

    You can find some amazing shower storage ideas by googling “rv shower storage images”. There are a lot of creative folks out there! We are also living in our class A motorhome and are always looking for better and more efficient storage ideas. We like the Command Performance hooks — they seem to stay on better than suction cups. We have a soap dish and thing to hold my razor in our shower that are CP, and they haven’t budged.

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    1. Great idea!! I use those hooks elsewhere around the house and hadn’t thought of using them in the shower. I’ll be hunting online for more ideas now!


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