Cooling Down the Motorhome

A week ago we decided to replace the front air conditioner on our RV.  After researching them, we ordered one off of Amazon.  They were going pretty fast, we actually watched the number of available units decrease while we were discussing it.

Though it wasn’t due for delivery until the end of this week, we were pleasantly surprised that it arrived early!  Yesterday, Andy decided to tackle the installation job.  Since he is a very handy fellow, we decided not to pay for installation and have him do it himself.

Checking the new unit for any damage.

He fairly quickly removed the old unit, only one old screw broke off in the process.

Removing the interior panel to unhook the electrical.

Instead of getting a guy from work to help him with the new unit like we had planned, we decided to handle the job together.  Placing two ladders next to each other, we jointly lifted the new unit onto the roof of the RV.  It was a little unnerving as I balanced it atop the ladder while he ran up the rear ladder to complete the final lift.  Fortunately, the new unit is not nearly as heavy as the old one.

Getting the new unit lined up.

I was impressed with how smooth the job went.  I was originally concerned about the fact that we have a ducted A/C unit that connects to our thermostat, so it seemed like a tricky job.  The hardest part seemed to be getting all the bolts in and out (the hardest part for me was lifting it).

While he was on the roof, he cleaned the rear unit and boy was it dirty.  Looks like cleaning them will be a very regular job since we are running them so much in this heat!

Slick, new unit installed on top of the RV.

So far, everything seems to be working great!  I am happy to have it installed with the fan blowing and cooling our home.  Time to relax before the next project!

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