An Arizona Christmas

The holidays are a time for family and celebration, of being together with people that you love.  Though we were far away from our parents and friends this holiday, we had the great fortune of spending Christmas with another amazing part of our family!  This year, we had our first Arizona Christmas and it was spectacular.

Prescott’s Christmas lights are a sight to see.  The courthouse in the historic part of town was a beautiful sight.

On Christmas Eve, we made a delicious meal and spent time with the family.


Setting up the Polar Express with Uncle Charlie
Andy and Theo staying out of the kitchen

Christmas Day marked a different sort of celebration activity: the casino.  We played Blackjack I came out $7 ahead!  Big winner, I know.  We also let the animals open up their gifts and they were pretty excited.  Theo’s first Christmas!

Christmas night, we took a tour of the bars on Whiskey Row in downtown Prescott.


On Saturday, we took a day trip up to see the towns of Jerome and Sedona. They were both beautiful!  We were able to get out an do a little site-seeing along the way.


We loved the bright orange color and interesting formations of the rocks in Sedona.

Hiking by water is my favorite!  We made two different stops to hike.

Grace (cousin) and I are making the trek down to the river.  It was a fun climb.

Saturday night we went out for Teppanyaki which was a first for both of us.  It was a really neat experience and I would love to do it again!  We had a great time celebrating Christmas in Prescott (and surrounding area).  Seeing the beauty around here makes us want to come back and explore more.  We are not done with Arizona yet!

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