A Blast from the Past

The title might be a bit cliche, but that’s what this weekend was — a blast from the past.

On Saturday, we went to my great aunt’s birthday party in Minneapolis, and we saw family members I haven’t seen since I was a little girl (and some I’d never met before now).

My mom and great aunt Josie


My dad with my adorable little cousin

It was so nice to get together for something so positive, to reconnect with family, and to have a relaxing time just hanging out. Facebook has made it much easier for us to keep in touch, and I hope this isn’t our last gathering!

We’d planned to hang out with some of our friends that same evening, but with whiteout warnings, we decided it was best for everyone to stay home. While the weather held, we decided to take advantage of the last evening of warmer weather (30s is pretty nice when all you’ve had is frigid cold!).

Andy went skiing while I followed in snowshoes, and the dogs ran along with us.

The snow was really deep, and Teddy came back in with his own set of snow pants — ones that required warm water to get rid of before we could get his sweater off! What a trooper.


It got so cold out that night that our shovels and container of ice melt turned to ice (ironic?), so we decided this was a good enough reason to stay inside on Sunday and not shovel a thing.


And though the whiteout conditions never appeared on Saturday as planned, Sunday was a different story. With 25-mile-an-hour winds, we could barely see across the lake with the snow blowing around.

Though we’d planned to go skiing all day, we decided on a different adventure.

Teddy is a good Scrabble partner

We went through some boxes of our old stuff, and I found this gem from kindergarten.


And we hung out with the dogs all day, because it really seemed like all of us needed a little bonding time 🙂


Big changes coming in the next week, so I’ll be offline for a little while. I’ll plan to update again as soon as I can!



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