Surviving Winter

This winter marks our first one back in Minnesota in three years. And we’ve had a lot of people ask us how we’re holding up. After spending the previous two winters in California and the one before that on the road, we haven’t had the experience of a true winter in quite some time.

Sure, our first winter on the road came with some interesting experiences (2015-16).

We went through an unexpected snowstorm in New Mexico and snowy, icy roads in Colorado.

But once we reached Arizona, winter was virtually over for us.

And then arriving in California that January was all sunshine and fun. For two years!

Now, we’ve made the trek back, and we’ve opted to stay through the winter. Some of our friends and family have called us crazy, asking us why. 

But we are happy to be around the people that we love. And though winter may not be our favorite time of year, we are continuing to make an effort to get out and enjoy it when we can.

Whether it means taking walks with the dogs or heading out to the lake for ice fishing and four-wheeling.

And sometimes it means staying in bed a little later and doing some beer tasting.

With the colder weather finally hitting us, it’ll take a little more encouragement to get us out of the house. But we have some plans for fun things to do — stay tuned!

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