Happy Friday!

The Wandering Dolphin crew wishes everyone a very happy Friday!


Everyone is doing well here in rainy Minnesota. We recently joined in a farewell party for our dear friend, Alex, who is going to Romania for the next year.

His departure got us thinking about what will come next for the Wandering crew. With our motorhome stationary in Minnesota through the winter, our wandering desires are taking over our minds. We may not use our house-on-wheels for our next adventure, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going on one!

What’s next? West Coast? Europe? Mexico?

The excitement and anticipation is exactly why we chose to live this life!

Happy Friday everyone! Cheers to your next adventure, whatever it may be.


To read about a motorhome adventure idea, visit http://www.motorhome.com/motorhome-travel/road-trips-on-tap-brewery-tours/



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