Wet, Wet Motorhome

Living in a motorhome in a humid environment brings about a different set of difficulties than living in the desert.

When we first came back, we noticed a distinct moist smell when we walked in the door. Our first step was to replace our moisture absorbing containers. We normally have one under the kitchen sink, but we replaced that and also added one in the bathroom.

Next, we decided to add an air filter. Pica has been having some respiratory problems, and we hoped this would help — in addition to helping with the odor.

Instead of purchasing an air filter, Andy came up with a more cost-effective solution: a fan and a filter. Many of the air purifiers on the market are not only expensive, but they’re also not great for birds. Instead of spending upwards of $100, our plan cost us about $30.

And it has made a huge difference.

We eventually found out that our water pump was leaking and had been for some time. The pump is located underneath our bed — an area that we do not typically visit often. Crap.

Andy quickly went on a hunt for a new pump, and we replaced it as soon as we could. But that left us with the mess of pulling everything in storage from beneath the bed — blankets, winter clothes, etc. — and cleaning everything that was wet. We then had to find a place to store all of these things while we dried out the area under the bed.

For a full week, we propped our bed up in the air during the day with a fan blowing over the wet area, hoping that there wasn’t too much damage.

The wet smell slowly faded from the rest of the RV, and beneath the bed was soon dry enough to keep it closed once more. We added a moisture absorbing container under the bed just to help pull out anything that might have remained.

In the meantime, I worked hard at reorganizing our living space. The cabinets above our couch and dining room table once held office supplies. I condensed what we had, and switched their location with where I used to store my books (in the bedroom).

Then I unscrewed the cabinet doors from the frame and made them into a bookshelf instead!

The books run all the way across the top of the couch and part of the dining area. They are no longer secreted away in the back but on display for us to enjoy!

Life in a motorhome is never boring — even when you’re not on the road.

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