When You’re in North Dakota

If there’s one state out there that I find more boring than all others, it has to be North Dakota.

My grandpa said it well when he said, “You can see further and less than any other place.”

I came to this realization years ago when, on a trip to buy a new love seat, we ended up in Bismarck, ND.

Flat, endless stretches of farmland offered no beauty to a girl from beautiful lake-and-woods-covered Minnesota.

But on this trip, I decided to give it another chance, hoping that I’d been as wrong about North Dakota as I had about Iowa when we started our journey two-and-a-half years ago.

As we exited Montana and entered North Dakota, my mindset switched from being unimpressed with Montana to more okay with North Dakota.

In my mind, all of Montana was a beautiful, mountain-covered state. Having never been there before this trip, I didn’t know how wrong I was.

Montana is beautiful, no doubt about it. But eastern Montana is less stunning. But that same landscape for North Dakota was pretty impressive.

We passed by the entrance for Theodore Roosevelt National Park, where we had originally planned to stay before our route changed. It looked like a gorgeous area, and I wanted to stay here for many reasons, not the least of which is because my dog is named after this president.

But circumstances what they were, we ended up continuing our drive, instead landing at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, just outside of (you guessed it) Bismarck.

View of the river

Right along the junction of the Heart and Missouri rivers, the campground is a beautiful patch of land to park our home.

Daily walks along the river have us encountering people of the Midwest. And though we grew up here, the friendliness of the people took us back. After coming from California (sorry Cali friends), we were astounded by how welcoming and friendly random strangers are here. I guess we’d forgotten just how nice people are in the Midwest. If you’re not used to it, you might say it’s over-the-top. But it made us feel at home.

Reminds me of Minnesota

With hot, humid weather and lots of bugs today, we spent much of the middle of the day indoors. But we did manage to sort through and organize my books, gathering ones to eventually sell in our garage sale.

We took them all out at once because Andy wanted to see just how many books I’d managed to squirrel away in the RV.

The final count: 161.


What’s a girl to do?

After the process of saying hello to books I hadn’t seen in a while — and determining which ones were going to go — we decided to talk a walk.

Though harassed by mosquitos the entire way, we did manage some good wildlife viewing. Birds, deer, jumping fish — and a bald eagle perched nearby. Not a bad day in North Dakota.


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