Will the Wandering Dolphin Wander Again?

Will the Wandering Dolphin wander again?

The answer is yes!

We’ve been asked many times over the past two years when we plan to hit the road again.

What does the future of the Wandering Dolphin look like?

We never truly know the answer to that, and we’re ok with it.

But our newest plan has finally formed, and we will hit the open road again in May.

This time, we won’t be coming back to our spot at the park. We put in our notice at the park, which means we need to start getting things packed up (I’m leaving the googly eyes on the front of the RV for sure).

We’ve been working on many projects over the past couple of weeks (I’ll update you more on that later).

For now, I’ll share the excitement of our next adventure! We will be heading north, exploring some places that have been on our bucket lists for far too long. We will be checking out potential property in the Northwest before heading across to Minnesota for an extended visit.

It’s about time we got these wheels on the road again!

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