The Happiest Place on Earth

After our wonderful whale watching experience was over, there was still more fun to come for the rest of Anita’s visit.

On Sunday morning, we took the dogs for a hike around the grasslands.

How cute is his face?!?

Then we went to a hockey game in Anaheim. It was my first-ever live hockey game.

I loved where our seats were — great view!

On Monday, her last full day, we went on another magical adventure. Anita and I made the trek back up to Anaheim to go to Disneyland for a visit to the Happiest Place on Earth.



Stitch is one of my favorites

We hit up some of the best rides: Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion.

And of course we had to visit Sleeping Beauty’s castle.


And lots of other fun rides. We made sure to walk through each area of the park. I love how much detail is put into everything. As an adult, that’s probably one of my favorite parts (aside from being able to enjoy things from my childhood).

Once we realized that single-rider was the way to go on some of the busier rides that offered that option, we were really able to have some fun!

Getting ready for the Matterhorn bobsleds!

It was a magical day, filled with Disney fun! I am happy I got to make the visit one last time before we leave this area.


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  1. Jackie says:

    Oh I’m so jealous! I love Disney! Never been to Disney Land but we go to Disney World in Florida a lot! We’ll be going back in 2020! Glad to see you enjoyed yourself!

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