Happy belated Thanksgiving from the Wandering Dolphin crew! We had a nice day yesterday. We went down to Encinitas to take photos for an event I am writing about, played with the dogs in the park, rested, and then dropped the dogs off at home before heading down to Aunt Kris’ house in Oceanside. We … More Thanksgiving

Teaching and Learning

I am shaking, trembling. My nerves are through the roof. I hate public speaking. As I look at the three students in front of me, I realize this cannot really count as public speaking — having merely three students, one of which is my husband. I have spent the past several hours preparing for this … More Teaching and Learning

Halloween in Ramona

As many of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have boxes upon boxes of decorations stored in my parents’ basement and normally would be in my element this time of year. Due to the heat, Andy and I were determined to boycott the holiday this year until we could celebrate in a place … More Halloween in Ramona