Calling the Dolphins

The day was cool and overcast, the sun barely peeking out from behind the clouds. I could smell the ocean before I could see it, that salty sea breeze that beckons me closer. We rounded the corner, the tires of the Jeep slowly crawling across the sand as we neared the water. The undulating waves... Continue Reading →


Happy belated Thanksgiving from the Wandering Dolphin crew! We had a nice day yesterday. We went down to Encinitas to take photos for an event I am writing about, played with the dogs in the park, rested, and then dropped the dogs off at home before heading down to Aunt Kris' house in Oceanside. We... Continue Reading →

An Outdoor Challenge

I feel the burn in my legs and in my lungs as I climb the hill before me. All at once painful yet satisfying, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I reach the top. I would not venture to say that Andy and I are “avid” hikers, but we do like to hit the... Continue Reading →

Getting Back into it

The Wandering Dolphin crew has taken a brief hiatus from normalcy, but we are getting back into the swing of things. Andy took a trip back to Minnesota and was gone for 11 days. 11 days! It was the longest we have ever been apart in our 13 years together. Here are some throwback pics:... Continue Reading →

Teaching and Learning

I am shaking, trembling. My nerves are through the roof. I hate public speaking. As I look at the three students in front of me, I realize this cannot really count as public speaking -- having merely three students, one of which is my husband. I have spent the past several hours preparing for this... Continue Reading →

Halloween in Ramona

As many of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have boxes upon boxes of decorations stored in my parents' basement and normally would be in my element this time of year. Due to the heat, Andy and I were determined to boycott the holiday this year until we could celebrate in a place... Continue Reading →

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