Water, Culture, Hot Dogs and Beer

Well, I cannot give much of an update about life in Ramona other than it is still hot! And we are still finding ways to stay cool but entertained in the summer heat. We were fortunate enough to find a friend with a pool, and I have threatened to make my presence in it unavoidable... Continue Reading →

Bearing the Summer Heat

I remember last summer in Ramona – and it was hot. I told myself that I would never go through a summer like that again. But here we are. I think what happened was the nice weather of fall hit, then winter, then that gorgeous spring, and I forgot all about how terrible the summer... Continue Reading →

Start of Summer

Now that we are back from our trips, we have started to settle back into our lives here in beautiful Southern California. Since our eventual goal is to find land and build a home and farm, we have started practicing/learning some of the skills we will need in our future. We started with chickens. Meet... Continue Reading →

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